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Asia–Pacific Channels is the bi-annual newsletter of the World Dance Alliance (WDA), published in collaboration by  Ausdance National in and MyDance Alliance in Malaysia. It profiles dance events and activities from WDA members throughout the Asia–Pacific region.

WDA is an independent, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation which exists to serve as a primary voice for dance and dancers throughout the world, and encourages the exchange of ideas and the awareness of dance in all its forms. 

WDA's main goals are to:

  • Promote the recognition, development and mutual understanding of all forms of dance.

  • Facilitate communication and exchange among dance individuals, institutions and organisations interested in dance.

  • Provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to dance.

  • Encourage and support the research, education, criticism, creation, performance and preservation of dance.

  • Liaise, co-ordinate and participate in activities with other dance organisations in the world.

As a WDA Chapter Head DANZ regularly contributes to the Asia-Pacific Channel Report. 

The report is published twice a year, below is an archive dating back to 2014. You can visit for the full catalogue. 

Channels Report December 2017
Channels Report June 2017
Channels Report December 2016
Channels Report June 2016
Channels Report December 2015
Channels Report June 2015
Channels Report December 2014
Channels Report June 2014

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