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Producing an Event

Maximising Promotions - Publicity Opportunities in Dance

By Sahra Grinham

© DANZ 2011

This is a guideline for maximising your marketing activities – particularly promotions and publicity opportunities – and complements the DANZ resource “Marketing Tips for Dance”.

Due to tight production costs you will be looking at ways to get the most from your money and particularly the budget set aside for marketing and promotional purposes.
While some publicity or editorial media coverage can be obtained for “free”, it is important to understand that this type of publicity is not guaranteed as it depends on
external factors beyond your control whether or not it runs. In contrast, advertising (adverts, posters, flyers) is a more assured form of publicity because you pay for the
placements – whether ads in the newspaper or posters pasted up around town.

Therefore, when planning your marketing activities try to have a balance and mix of both paid and free activities so that you know you are covered.

To read the full document, see here Maximising Promotions and Publicity Opportunities






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