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Contract checklist for dancers

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In New Zealand most dancers are in effect self-employed contractors, employed on a project by project basis with a contract for services. However some companies choose to employ dancers as employees, often on fixed term contracts. 

Whatever your employment situation it is advisable to have a written contract. If you don’t have a formal, legal agreement, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a contract, an exchange of emails or verbal agreement also constitutes a contract.

A contract is a starting point for negotiation and an opportunity for both parties to sort out potential problems upfront and clarify expectations. Once the contract has been drawn up there should be time allowed to read the contract, seek advice, and if necessary request changes.

The following is a checklist of some of the terms and conditions you may find in your contract, it is not meant to be exhaustive and it is not legal advice. This checklist is meant as a starting point for thinking about what could be included in a contract, to help you clarify the details of a contract you already have, or to help you negotiate other terms you might wish to see in a contract.

To read/print the full document, see hereContract Checklist

Contract Checklist for dancers

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