National Dance Hui 2016
Together / Moving Forward


Together/Moving Forward is a DANZ event bringing together the contemporary dance sector to share ideas and expertise. 

The purpose behind a National Dance Hui is to allow for tangible benefits to occur from a shared gathering or collective experience. For information, knowledge or research to be shared in a way that has a lasting impact or on-going effect on the participants in a positive way. The title, Together / Moving Forward is purposeful in terms of signalling there is a need to work together if we are to move forward together as a community.

The event will be held over two days, 21 and 22 November, the days will include performances, panel discussions, presentations and forums framed in a context of themes relating to how the contemporary dance sector can move forward.

Themes include:
Audience First > Growing a fan base - Production of dance in New Zealand
Collaboration is Gold > Working with others - Independent artist network
Facts & Myths > Being realistic - Knowing how the arts/dance industry operates
The Money-Go-Round > The funding game - Sustained development of choreographers

Though the Hui will be primarily focused on contemporary dance, we welcome all people of the arts community to participate. 

This is a chance for contemporary dance to have a voice, for a community to gather and inspire each other to greater things.

You can get your tickets here or if you would like more information please contact us at or PH: 04 801 9885

*Full event programme to come soon.

DANZ is about and for people in dance. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are just a phone call away and happy to provide advice and mentoring from a wider perspective gained from many years of working and being involved with dance.

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