NZ Fringe Festival 2018



Fri 02 Mar 2018, 05:00 pm


Sat 24 Mar 2018, 10:00 pm


Various venues


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NZ Fringe, also known at times as the Wellington Fringe or just FRINGE!, started in 1990 when a group of performance makers came home from a trip to the mighty Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland and loudly proclaimed “we need some of that too!”

With the help of the NZ Festival (then known as The New Zealand International Festival of the Arts) Fringe was born as a one-week ‘festival within a festival’, in its ideal home: BATS Theatre. The festival quickly grew from there and established itself as a ‘must’ - not just for artists creating work off the main-stages but also for Wellington’s culture loving creatures, our enthusiastic audiences, the people always keen for something great in your face: YOU GUYS! Since the 90s, Fringe has been through many guises and has spread through the city’s crevices, up it’s trees, in and out of all its venues, down to the south coast and as far up as Kapiti and Upper Hutt. A vital and enthralling part of our artistic landscape, simultaneously a rite of passage for artists and audiences.

The small team at CCAT are thrilled to be part of bringing you all the bits that make up Fringe and implore you to get to as many bits as possible and fill your whole.


Die Hard Rock Cafe Müller - Footnote NZ Dance ChoreoCo
22 February-3 March @ BATS Theatre 
Die Hard Rock Cafe Müller combines elements of three well known pop culture/arts icons: the film Die Hard, the diner Hard Rock Cafe, and Pina Bausch's seminal dance work Café Müller. These things will each structure different aspects of the work: Die Hard provides characters and movement language, Hard Rock Cafe provides setting and architecture, and Café Müller provides an overall dramaturgical structure and compositional sensibility. 

6-9 March @ BATS Theatre

This powerful interdisciplinary piece of storytelling continues to defy genre definition. Invoking dense cultural knowledge and translating Samoan epistemologies within a contemporary art language of movement and audio visuals for modern audiences. Dislocated from cultural space this works precarious form and other worldly aesthetic still make it difficult to categorise. Fa’aafa by its simplest definition is an ‘experience’.

2am Phone Call - Sunlight Collective & Black Sheep Productions
10-13 March @ BATS Theatre
Actress/Director Georgie Silk and Choreographer/Dancer Natalie Maria Clark, are joining forces to present ‘2am Phone Call’, a blend of poetic dialogue and movement. Playing at BATs Theatre in March, the show celebrates the complex joys and challenges of intimate friendship, and the people in our lives who we can call on at any hour of the day - even at two in the morning. 

Fear of Eggs - House of Sand
20-24 March @ BATS Theatre
Abstracted memories from our past lives lived, reborn, unearthed. This is the third in a series of House of Sand unique blend of dance, abstract theatre and art. Following on from Knitting While Sleeping and Feet.Us. Fear of Eggs: bodies of flesh and mess experience fragmented stories of love, loss nurturing and nonsense

Blueprint - Tōi Poneke Arts Centre Dance Resideny
21-24 March @ Te Auaha Theatre
Toi Pōneke presents: Dance Residency features up-and-coming artists in a development season of their new work. After the success of the 2017 residency, Toi Pōneke is proud to offer two dance practitioners a chance to take bold risks and test something fresh in Wellington's hottest stomping ground: NZ Fringe.



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