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Sun 06 Oct 2019, 05:00 pm


Sun 06 Oct 2019, 05:30 pm


Little Andromeda
130 Oxford Terrace




$10 - $15

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Join Choreographer Julia Harvie for the Christchurch Premiere of her solo work KILLJOY.

KILLJOY is a contradiction of terms. It is both fact and fiction, it is fearless and terrified, it stares down the barrel of the gun with eyes wide shut, it is the power of vulnerability, it is a muscular strength and a fragile ego. It is an angry beast dying to be stroked. It is how all the messy personal stuff is inextricably linked to that messy political stuff. A moving and electrifying memoir that is both provocative and beguiling, using charm and wit and a fistful of courage, it states: This is what a feminist looks like right now.

“Julia is highly intelligent, with a plethora of influences, least of which her dedication to feminist art practice and her experience of Christchurch in the various stages of tragedy that has beset it, all of which inform her work to hold utter clarity and commitment of purpose. This kind of dynamism is rare in the New Zealand dance sector, and highly invigorating for the art form and dance scene”.
– Alexa Wilson

“KILLJOY is exactly the kind of work that gets the community talking, that inspires new ways of working and thinking about performance. Moreover, it is an electrifying performance and a true gift for audience members”.
– Emma Willis

“Is this is what a feminist looks like?
A microphone and a woman
A stand up performance
A visceral response
Baring, daring, vulnerable and self-evaluating
Layers of revealing and concealing
Personal, powerful, political and playful
Raw and Thrilling
Monologue and dialogue
Inviting, engaged, responsive
Guttural, Vocal, relatable
An emotional gamut of personal experiences”
– Julia McKerrow


R16 - contains nudity and some scenes may disturb

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