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Call for Proposals - Fluid Borders 2020 RATatouille

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Fri 05 Jun 2020, 09:00 am


7 days ago, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 05:00 pm


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Fluid Borders is an ongoing project that aspires to maintain an open space for the thought-provoking questions we are all facing, spreading creative energies, emotions and feelings, sharing stories on the regeneration of knowledge and identifying and uncovering these issues conjointly. 2020 marks the second year of the Fluid Borders venture of providing a space for the collision of creative minds and a space to provide new creative idea generation.


Ratatouille (a stir up)

After a rough start to the Year of the Rat, we can at last now celebrate with a hearty RATatouille; a combination of your creative energies! Are you one of the Rad Rat Chefs that could help with the cooking? Your creative inputs can come together and become one great creation with everyone’s best flavours in the mix! 

There are different opportunities across three different venues are available this year:

  1. The Pah Homestead - Hillsborough - 26th July – 14th September 2020

We are seeking multi-media works, both digital and physical, that focus on hopes for better connectivity and community building for an exhibition opening on 26 July 2020. Selected works will be part of a group exhibition. 

To apply please send your work description with photographs and your bio to by 30 June.


  1. The Audio Foundation – Myers Park - 5th – 26th September 2020

Multiple opportunities are available for our exhibition at the Audio Foundation, opening on 5th September.

Rat Roulette (a game of chance)

Do you have an urge to expand your creative practice with the help of other creative brains? Or a new idea that you are co-creating with your team? We are gathering together creative minds from communities in Auckland and beyond!

We are seeking proposals of collaborative art workshop ideas and VR/digital media works for exhibition.

“Rad Rats” (presentation)

Seeking musicians and sonic artists to perform at the Audio Foundation with live recording and video documentation provided. This will eventually be a series of live sessions collected and uploaded online. Collaboration with other artists is welcomed.

“CoLABoRATs” (to create)

A short-term opportunity for creative performers, musicians and sonic artists to occupy the space at the Audio Foundation for rehearsals and ideas development. We can document your creative processes and gather them as a collection in a creative diary. Finished projects will potentially be part of our exhibition Saturdays 19th and 26th September. 

To apply for the Audio Foundation projects above please send in your proposals and bios to by 30 June.


  1. The Big Screen - AUTV - 26th July – 27th September 2020

AUTV plays 7 days a week across three large video walls in the WG Building off Governor Fitzroy Plaza, a bespoke 7 meter by 5 meter LED video wall in WZ Building in the exhibition space adjacent to St Paul Street and a 27 panel video wall in the MH Building at AUT South Campus.

How to apply

To apply please send your proposal, work description with photographs and your bio to by 30 June.

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