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Actor - dancer for a minor role in Augmented reality project

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Wed 11 Jul 2018, 01:00 pm


Fri 10 Aug 2018, 05:00 pm





I'm a PhD candidate at AUT Auckland University of Technology, searching for an actor who could perform in a couple of scenes filmed in the green screen for an illustrated augmented reality illustrated graphic novel. When you look at the illustrated images through a mobile, the illustrated-animated images come to life through a downloadable app.

The story’s baseline narrative concerns a woman who after 40 years in mourning at the loss of her lover in the 1964 Brazilian coup d’état, lives in a room of accumulated memories. One day when the only photograph of her lover breaks, it sets in train a series of strange events.

The story is narrated by three saints giving three distinctive perspectives in the same story accessible through the interactive app. The actors will be appear in scenes with 60s clothes but it won't involve any dialogue - the three narrators will be telling the story. 

Antagonist (minor role)
He is a young student who is part of the Brazilian Communist party against 1964 coup d'etat regime. The character is a dancer, intellectual, strong-minded and a lover. He must be reasonably tall (height: 1.70m+), physically fit but not too muscly. He needs to perform a dance (by yourself) with an imaginary partner. This dance would be ideally a samba, but if this is not possible, it could be any other form of classical dance. He will be topless in one of the scenes.

Males, aged 20 to 35 from Auckland, New Zealand

Your profile indicated you are an actor and a dancer and has experience with Latin American dance, which suits the description of the character.

This is a student production, so I won't be able to pay industry rate, but I'm happy to negotiate a hourly rate, and/or cover costs of food and transportation. The filming will be on Sunday August 12th.

If you are interested, please send me an email and we can discuss details.
My email is / 

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